Graphic Designer / Illustrator


Zhengyang Liu_Image


Hi there! My name is Zhengyang Liu. I'm a graphic designer, illustrator, photographer and basketball enthusiast living in Downtown San Francisco. Currently, I'm a 2nd-year MFA student at California College of the Arts.

I specialize in logo design, web design, branding, and typography. My work explores the relationship between image and type and takes inspiration from old propaganda posters, packaging, and book design. Being a designer has increased my thirst for learning. Through design, I’ve been introduced to different subjects including Shanghai culture, facial recognition technology, and letterpress creation.

I work closely with clients to define their visual identity, and the final product achieves a balance between their needs and unique, innovative approaches to design. Everything I create takes the end users' experience into account. Past clients include Shanghai Disney Resorts, Atta BJ, and CollegeDaily.

I love meeting new people, so feel free to say hello and share your story!